The Palace

The Borghese Palace Art Hotel is carved out of a wing of the Palazzo Borghese, one of the largest and most beautiful of Florence's neo-classical residences.

The Palazzo was originally built by the Salviati family in the second half of the 15th century. In the late 18th century, it became the residence of the noble Borghese family, after Anna Maria Salviati joined in matrimony with Prince Marcantonio IV Borghese of Rome.

The coat of arms of Camillo Borghese, their son, still proudly adorns the building's facade. As well as briefly being married to Napoleon's sister Paolina Bonaparte, Camillo's time in Florence made the Palazzo Borghese one of Florence’s best-known and most elegant noble residences.

In 1821, Camillo refurbished his beloved home and made it the lavish edifice it remains to this day. Thirty years or so later, part of the Palazzo was rented out to the Società del Casinò di Firenze to become the Casinò Borghese, a venue for cultural and high-society events.

Fast forward to the present day… After a long and meticulous restoration completed in 2006, this wing of the Palazzo Borghese has been transformed into the Borghese Palace Art Hotel, a unique and distinctive blend of Renaissance and modern.

Borghese Palace Art Hotel guests are truly immersed in the spirit of Florence, a city synonymous with historical grandeur and an eye for the latest developments in art.

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Borghese Palace Art Hotel | Florence | Wellness Spa

Wellness Spa

An oasis of relaxation built into the palazzo’s
refurbished 13th-century cellars
Borghese Palace Art Hotel | Florence | Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibitions

Every two months, the hotel hosts a new exhibition of contemporary art